The Clark Kent Guide to Writing about Clothing

clark-kent-clothingBefore writing about what your main character is wearing, look to Clark Kent for guidance: every change of clothes is symbolic. 

When that Superman “S” comes out, the reader knows that it’s time for adventure. The same goes for costume changes in Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and Twilight![Read More]

Write Notepads & Co. GIVEAWAY

notepad-giveawayThis is Better Novel Project’s first GIVEAWAY– I’ve got two gorgeous notebooks from Write Notepads & Co. to give out, plus a few other updates.

Read on to see what I’m researching, planning, reading, learning, and sharing!


1. What I’m Researching

3d printerI went on my second novel research field trip, this time to the USA Science and Engineering Festival (with my dad and husband in tow).[Read More]

Writing the Sidekick Archetype (Part I)

sidekick-pinA sidekick is the Boo-Boo to your Yogi, the Pokey to your Gumby, and the Samwise to your Frodo. Seriously, what would Frozen be without Olaf the Snowman?

Let’s break down the similarities between Harry Potter’s sidekick, Ron Weasley, and Katniss Everdeen’s sidekick, Rue.

Specifically, we’ll cover the introduction of the sidekick and evolution of trust in Harry Potter and The Hunger Games. [Read More]